Business - a gift for any child.

GOB Top Ten

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Why is GOB “Gift of business” good for kids? Kids prepared for biz more likely to succeed in biz. More GOB to come

Top 10 Why is GOB (gift of business) good for kids.
10.  @teachkidsbiz Kids prepared for biz = success in biz = more money into social security = happy parents #GOBforkids

9. @teachkidsbiz
8. Why is GOB good for kids? . Allowance reform with advanced IOU terms with parents.
7. Why is GOB good for kids? . Education reform. Kids can skip school for biz experience #GOBforkids

6. Why is GOB good for kids? . Kids will have stronger opinions. Business will look up to them.


5. Why is GOB good for kids?  Kids will ask adults to tell the truth - political and advertising reform