Business - a gift for any child.


This is an interesting opportunity for Angel investors and possibly a small venture capitalist venture. An opportunity for strategic partners to help teach kids business. An opportunity to develop future businesses with better prepared entrepreneurs, business leaders and workers.
This is also a business case for kids to learn about business financing, networking, strategic partnerships, marketing and social outreach. This will be shared through and @teachkidsbiz and #KidsBizTips
Product Royalty Opportunity
The investment is in the launch of a business book to teach business to kids.

Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact


Market Issue Addressing


Business is not taught in school and is a very important subject. Kids need to develop life skills and experience to prepare for business. All kids will either work in a business or buy from a business.


This book helps parents engage kids in business, make kids aware of business and help prepare kids for business - well beyond financial knowledge.


The publishing industry does not market a genre of "teaching kids business" books, therefore there is a need for self-publishing.


Strategic Partnerships


This program is a great networking and community outreach opportunity - and a business opportunity for the right strategic partners.


The sale of the book is tied to "the gift of business for kids" campaign. This is a social cause program which creates awareness of the need and opportunity of "teaching kids business." The idea of the gift of business is a great way to crate awareness, start business conversations with kids and to start the process of business preparation at an early age. Business is great gift idea, kids grow into it and never out of it. Business as a gift sends a message you care about a child's success.


The opportunity is to partner in the launch of a book, to network the book to business contacts (early adopters), fund awareness of the need for teaching kids business, to attract business sponsorship in the form of product purchases for the use in community outreach programs or employee benefit/bonus programs.


Proceeds to support the development of the social venture of (website redesign and programming expansion)



Royalty Rates to Publisher/Author


Publisher (copyright held by author Jeff M.Brown)


Online bookstores pay out 35% to 70% less transaction fees.


Retailer royalty rates:  With few exceptions, you earn 60% of the list price for sales through Smashwords retailers such as Apple, Sony, Diesel, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.  The exceptions:  For sales at Apple in countries subject to VAT (value added tax), your 60% is calculated after VAT is deducted from the sales price because in these stores, Apple includes VAT within your purchase price.  The "VAT" column in your sales report will show if VAT was deducted.  VAT is collected by the retailer, not Smashwords.  Kobo sales earn you 60% retail price for books priced under $12.99 for sales transacted in US or Canadian dollars.  All other Kobo sales earn 38% of your list price.  Effective December 1, 2010, Smashwords retailers are not allowed to discount your books, unless they're price matching a lower-priced competitor (Best practice: keep your prices consistent).  Kobo may still discount titles for sales transacted outside the US and Canada for currencies other than US or Canadian dollars.


Amazon royalties on ebook is 70% and 35% on paperback.


Product and distribution are in place.

The product is available at online bookstores internationally. (available in ebook and paperback soon) in other online stores via Smashwords)


Available in multiple formats:

Epub (Apple, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, e-reading apps) Kindle, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc


 Book video promo: (featured above)

Social Cause campaign:


Developed 'the gift of business for kids' awareness campaign to engage people in “teaching kids business.” This campaign has the potential to be relevant throughout the year for birthday purchases, education expenditures, school curriculum around the world.

The website htt:// provides a level of IP protection for this campaign.


Campaign video promo:



Basic Terms of the Investment


Take a position on the book. Simple royalty agreement.

Fund the marketing expenses of the launch of the book (PR, SEO, advertising)

Staged investment based on performance of the book.

Offered first right to royalties to recover investment and ROI.

Negotiable exit multiple - short term investment based on the successful launch of the book and the ease of use of buying a book. Approximately 120 day terms from retailers/distributor.



Go-to market


Product is developed and in well established online distribution channels. English version only. Available for sale now.


Target market is for parents with kids 8-16 years of age.

Kids will also influence parents purchasing decision.


Out source to agencies for marketing - PR, advertising and SEO.


Possible crowd funding campaign for follow-up funding.


Goal is to align with strategic partners to develop this campaign and the successful launch of the book.


Engaging investment community (Angels and VC) to invest in the social cause venture of "teaching kids business" through book launch financing.




Currently establishing a range of budgets.



Jeff Brown